Woah you came at a weird time... this website is currently undergoing major changes. Comeback in a bit to see what changed!


A short CV however: my name is Shantanu Jhaveri, a student double majoring at USC in the:

USC Iovine and Young Academy USC Viterbi School of Engineering

I like to code and create things, ranging from creative technologies to research based machine learning and artificial intelligence development. Over the years, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge, through various certifications and courses. If you were given this website, that probably means that I want to bring my knowledge base and apply it to your project and join your team!

I work in Computer Vision, ML, GANs, and NLP, but love to read papers on Reinforcement Learning, Creative AI Technologies, Robotics, and Transformers

I would like to one day call myself a Machine Learning Scientist and work on research, but for now, I'm riding the tide and working on projects that seem enjoyable.


Well I hope you enjoyed the few micro UI interactions i embedded into this website, and hope you come back to see where this website goes.

contact me here if you want to talk

resume for if you want to take a look at what I have been working on