hello my name is Shantanu Pankesh Bahubal Jhaveri (for short) in the digital flesh. Meet me in the physical flesh in WA, CA, NY or MA.

my old porfolio is old, immature, very high school, but still cool, so leave the link attached so you can check it out. very glitchy. very brutalist. very in your face. wow. it was the first big coding project i did.

but more importantly, this is my new porfolio under construction. how exciting....

here are some links you can use to check out some of my stuff right now. as you can see from what we have conversed / resume / however you got here, im curious but also have my feet heavily soaked in many things... those things are:

programing photography 3d modeling/design general design ui/ux artificial intelligence and general projects

well thats it. hope it satisfies. hope it impresses. if it didn't, i guess you'll just have to come back later. ngl though that fcking thing on the right took a little too long to do... but this landing page is just here so i can show you i can script and code really. i do infact post on my instagram and linkedin though... check those out

contact me here if you want to talk